What to do when your holiday is over?

What are you going to do when the holidays are over? Starting a new carreer, going to a new school? Just your old job again and do you like it or would you be up to something new? Since we’re at it, what is your normal daily work/education?

Holidays? What are holidays?
Sleeping is about the closest I get to a holiday.

my normal daily routine:

wake up whenever i wake up
check new posts on CDF
talk to some people on AIM
take a shower (if i feel like it)
go get the mail to see if I got any new Netflix movies.
watch a movie
make/eat dinner
watch some TV
online again for a while
go to bed.

someone probably needs to hire me for production work soon before i get too used to this routine!

I used 2 live like that…

this is my life since i graduated college.

it’s not all that bad…until i run out of money haha

After university …

6:00am … get out of bed
6:03am … no really, time to get out of bed.
6:05am … hitch the horse & wagon to drag myself out of bed, to the shower.
6:06am … shower time.
6:10am … cut myself with the razor.
6:20am … Towel Dry & get dressed.
6:30am … Drive 1/2 way to work.
7:15am … Buy breakfast.
7:16am … Finish breakfast.
7:20am … Catch the train into the city.
8:15am … start work.
8:16am … Check email.
8:25am … Surf CDFreaks.
9:00am … work.
2:00pm … Lunch.
2:10pm … Suduko.
2:30pm … Work.
5:15pm … train home.
6:05pm … car home.
6:45pm … home, dinner, relax.
7:35pm … Check email, cdfreaks, watch movie/series/cartoon/play B&W2
11:30pm … shower.
12:00am … Sleep.
5:59:59am->Goto Start.

Don’t forget to collect the $200! :wink:

Hahahaha :smiley:

Every day is a holiday for me, since I left work for various health reasons.

My daily routine consists of hanging out on CDF, intertwined with bouts of housework…oh and there’s quality cat time in there too :bigsmile:

It’s not as nice as it sounds, believe me! (edit: except the “quality cat time”, that’s always nice)

What is wonderful is not getting up til after midday :bigsmile:

Only at the end of the week.

haha you’re my idol :slight_smile:

my aunt doesn’t work (my uncle got a better job recently so she quit to hang out with her daughter who is 5 now) and my mom gets mad that i spend so much time with her. she says she’s a bad influence on me haha.