What to do When DVDFAB FAILS?

I have a DVD I’m trying to backup. Its been a few years and I initially ripped it with Decrypter and was going to use Shrink to write it to the new DVD.

I got Video but no Audio.

Wrote to ISO.
Wrote to File
Wrote to file then used filetoiso and Imgburn
Cloned from DVDFAB Platinum

All with video but no audio.

But I can use Cyberlink Power DVD Drag the file VTS_01_1.VOB to it and get the audio. I might mention there isn’t any files listed in the audio folder.

I’m old. Help. :wink:

Having no audio files in the audio T’s folder is normal. Use Gspot to see what the audio is.

Did you try just using DVD Fab to do the job directly from the original DVD?

But I can use Cyberlink Power DVD Drag the file VTS_01_1.VOB to it and get the audio.

So the rip does contain audio. What program were you using that made you think there was no audio?

Yes I used the original with DVDFAB

I’ve also used Decrypter to file and to ISO and Nero.
Decypter to file and Shrink.
DVDFAB to ISO then Imgburn.
DVDFAB (CLONE) w original.
DVDFAB to File then Nero.

Lots of coasters in my waste basket.

There seems to be 2 audios in the disc, in the proposed codec solutions and test box in Gspot select 2 in the audio and post the results,probably going to be DTS.

Yes one is 5.1. I’ll post the photo in a min.

#1 AC3

Just use Fab to write it then, full disc dvd5, should be fine, what discs are you using to burn with.

Sony DVD -R’s & I have some Fuji Film DVD +R’s

Either one should work fine. If you use the Fuji set it in Fab to booktype DVD-Rom

I appreciate all the responses.

It wasn’t the burn process. I tried it on another computer and it said it didn’t have the proper codec.

I’ve got it to play in a Pioneer DVD player.

I’m surprised how much things have change on this in a few years. I’ll keep reading.

Thanks for the help.

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