What to do, what to do?



The LH-20A1S in my second computer bit the dust! Really, it didn’t die but its connector did. The flimsy SATA connector broke several months ago, but I was able to do a little rigging and gluing and get the unit burning. But the connection came loose again when I had to remove the burner a couple of weeks ago. In trying to re-rig, I broke one of the little wires off. That finished it! :sad:

Now I really need a good SATA burner for my second computer right away. But I can’t find any seller that has the iHAS322 yet. The LH-20A1S and iHAS120 are both available, of course. So what’s your advice? Buy either of what’s available now or wait for the 322?

From what I’ve seen of iHAP322 burns so far, there’s no real improvement over the previous generation. And as nice as SmartErase may be, I doubt I’d ever use it in actual practice. It’s very quick and easy just to cut a DVD in half with heavy-duty kitchen shears.


If you need to get one today, then the iHAS120/220 would be fine; you can’t go wrong with it (unless you get a lemon). Like any new drive, the iHAxx22-series still need some maturity to come up to speed.