What to do w/ my new dual PIII system?

Ok, I was able to put together a dual PIII (1 GHz each) system for pretty damn cheap and I want to start taking advantage of it now. I am not actually sure what I can do with dual CPUs aside from running two copies of SETI@Home at once.

Quake III is about the only game that supports dual CPUs, right? I think it does, anyway. Oh, and if it supports dual CPUs does that mean that games based on the Quake III engine (like Return to Castle Wolfenstien) also support dual CPUs?

Ok, well anyway, what should I do with my new rig now? I am not sure wether I should stick w/ Windows 2000 Workstation or if upgrading it to Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server would improve the usage of both the CPUs (this system is actually a server and not a gaming system, really).

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