What to do? Verbatim Rip off

Hello all … I bought 150 of the Verbatim +R 16X and they are terrible:disagree: … the back ups are freezing and skipping!:a Is there anything I can do to get a better burn with these or should I try to get the warranty?
I read some posts on the verbatim and see the “life series” which is what I have are no good.:doh:
This really upsets me … Verbatim use to be the best … now they are crap:sad:

Any suggestions?:confused:

What drive do you use and what speed are you burning at?

Hello there:D I am using the sony AWQ listed in my sig … and I was burning at 8X speed … :flower:

Try updating your drive’s firmware, here is the latest version - 1.74.

I forget … How do I find out what firmware I have installed now?:confused:

Device Manager.

And please use normal font size and colour. This is an annoyance to read. Thanks.


Don’t mean to be annoying,:disagree: but I like the different colors … what good are they if you can’t use them:sad: … okay I have 1.72 … I will update the firmware and try burning another disc … I will let you know how it went … thank you.:flower:

Also, try burning at different speeds (4x, 6x, 12x, 16x).

About the only advice I can give is what the others said try up dating the drive FW and try
different burning speeds but the very best advice I can give is remember to stay far, far, far,
away from the Verbatim Life Series and any TY Value line discs because they are all crappy. :iagree:

You could also try if your discs burn better in your Sony DRU-800A drive (unlikely but possible).

The firmware update worked:bow: … no more freezing or skipping … just like old times:clap: thank you all for your input :flower: I have a feeling these verbatim life series will be all we can get in the very near future.:doh: At least I can use them now.:bigsmile:

dang dang dang!:a

I played the dvd a second time and I get the picsels and break ups … :Z

I don’t understand why it would play alright the first time and bad the second:doh: …

So what speed would you recommend … I was using 8X … should I go faster or slower?:confused:

I will NEVER buy this crapola again!:disagree:

Try 4x & 12x speeds. Does your DVD player flawlessly play other brands’ DVDs?

[QUOTE=pepst;2569180]Try 4x & 12x speeds. Does your DVD player flawlessly play other brands’ DVDs?[/QUOTE]

Yes indeed … the old batch of verbatim plays no problem what so ever … I can go from the life series with playback problems to the good verbatim with no problems at all … looks like I will have to find new blank media … :sad:

I will try those different speeds … thanks:bow:

A new drive may be a cheaper option. :wink:

[QUOTE=pepst;2569212]A new drive may be a cheaper option. ;)[/QUOTE]
:sad:But the drives I have works fine … it’s the disc that are the problem … I contacted Verbatim to see if they will replace the life series with the ones that are good … I will let you know … I’m suppose to hear from them Monday or contract them again myself.:rolleyes:
I suspect they will only replace with what I have, but there would be no point in that since the product itself is crappy … :Z

[QUOTE=spirittoo;2569217]:sad:I suspect they will only replace with what I have, but there would be no point in that since the product itself is crappy … :Z[/QUOTE]

I would say you are correct on that they will only replace the disc’s with the same thing and I’m
pretty sure you will have to pay the shipping charges to ship the discs back to them so you will
more than likely end up losing even more money on those discs. :sad: :eek:

I personally wouldn’t take the time or go to the trouble of trying to send the disc back plus having
to spend even more money to do so. I’d just toss them in the trash can and do like I do just chalk
it up as a hard and expensive learned lesson to never buy that brand of cheap junk media again. :doh:

I have personally thrown away 1000’s of brand new unused crappy disc’s that I’ve bought over the
years trying to save money on or just for experimenting with to see if they were even worth buying
in the first place. :bigsmile:

You are probably right about the replacements:sad:… the lady said she would have to check with her supervisor to see it they could replace what I have with the AZO disc. He wouldn’t be around until Monday … she said she would call me, but if I didn’t hear from them to call back. If worst comes to worst I will try and return them to Office Max … at least the 50 pack I have not open.:iagree: Don’t think I have the receipt … but I will ask anyway. The 100 pack I will give disc to folks with different players … Now I played the disc I burn at my folks house and it played fine on their player … but it played fine for me the first showing … next time I’m there I will see if it plays well again … if so … when friends and family want me to make back ups for them I will try the crappy disc first and hope it plays ok on their player.:bigsmile:
I went ahead and order some azo verbatim from newegg the +R(100) were $24 to the door. I think they are on sale, but they were $4 more than what I pay for the crappy disc when they were on sale.
I will post what verbatim offered or didn’t offer.:rolleyes:

I ordered 2-100 packs from NE a couple of months ago when they were on sale for $16.99 with free shipping and bought a couple from Frys about 3 weeks ago for $16.99 + tax. these should last for a while. Watch the sales.

Burn slower. I usually find burning at 4x gives the best results. Also, if your firmware doesn’t have the right burning strategy for the discs, you can change it with a program. I forgot what it’s called, but I’m sure someone here would know. I had to do that for some Nexxtech dual layers before.