What to do to burn Ritek G05 at 2x with LG-4163B(A104)

Are there any hacked A104 firmware or something like this to make me able to burn DVD-R medias(specially Ritek G05)at 2x?

Just to make sure you understand what I want,I’m only able to burn Ritek G05 at 4x or 8x,but I want to burn it slower(2x).Is there a manner to do this without downgrading the firmware?

There’s no way to do that known to me and no firmware for GSA-4163B or any other drive from LG supports 2x writing for 8x media.

Get 2x or 4x media for 2x burning.

Now I have already bought a bulk(50dvds)of Ritek G05 :stuck_out_tongue: But there must be a way to do this.I have saw a post here of a guy complaining that his LG-4163B was only burning at 1x and 2x,so there is a way of doing this :slight_smile:
EDIT:Ah,and for what I know Ritek G05 is absolutely able to burn at 2x-not only in 4x and 8x-I have talk with a guy that burns it at 2x with a LG-4081

That’s not the same thing. Try 8x on RITEKG05 and torture your IDE channels and CPU by encoding HDTV files to DivX or WMV and play multiple HD 1920*1080 WMV files at once while burning the RITEKG05. And then you’ll probably get something like 1x.

Slow speed for 8x-16x media also means improper write quality. Neither the media manufacturer or drive manufacturer guarantees good quality or safe recording if you don’t choose what they recommend.

How I said in the edit part,I know a guy that burns Ritek G05 at 2x,and he says it works much better burning at 2x than at 4x. :slight_smile: :iagree:

I was surprised to find that the burn quality of G05 is worse at 4X. I would have to assume it is even lower at 2X. What is the logic here to going with such a slow speed?

Seeing is believing. :slight_smile: Post scan captures that burnt at 2x and scanned in DW1620 or any other popular scanner.

Maybe a NEC 1300A? :smiley:

try nero bor burning but some lower version.

Somebody is pulling a fast one on you. Either that or as Kenshin says, the guy who got 1x and 2x burns on a Ritek G05 overloaded his system resources until the writer had to slow down to 1x or 2x. Have a look at this post here. It shows the media codes supported by the 4163B with the latest A104 firmware and what write speeds are supported for each media code. If you search for Ritek G05, you’ll see the minimum supported speed for burning it is 4x. That means the 4163B’s settings will not allow it to burn Ritek G05 at anything slower than 4x.

Maybe there are people here who can remember me posting a capture image of about six DVD burner drives burning at once at under 1x. :bigsmile: I still have those test disks (all burned in CD Speed Create Data Disc) but I never bothered to scan them properly. :bigsmile: (Burning them alone was a big waste of time but what I tested really was my multi-channel PCI IDE card.

I remember that.

But the logic is that the dye of an 8x rated disc is meant to be burnt at 8x and therefore burning at 2x will not give good quality. Just burn them at 8x, they don’t come out that bad.

For some reason my drive burnt it at 6x when I did a test in dvd speed. But the second pick is at 8x in my benq

get an old burner, you will be able to burn at 2.4X

And don’t forget some old DVD burners cannot properly support RITEKG05 at all. (Better have TY 2x DVD-R for that need.)

my lg 4040b will burn at 2 X and i would not have it any other way ive never had many coaster doing a slow burn infact imho i think you get a beter quality picture infact i use my lg 4120B for reading and my 4040B for burning i will be broken hearted when my 4040B packs up i am now in the prosess of obtaining a new 4040B as a spare :bow:

I have a 2x DVD writer for that, hardly used. Many 4x writers, too. Why not get a few used ND-1300A or GMA-4040B units? You can probably get one for just US$10, cheaper than new CD writers.

i have a simillar question in another post and in another dvd my friends can write the RITEKG05 at 2x without any problem ( with a sony and with a piooner ) so only the lg has this limitation?.