What to do now?


I’ve tried to burn a copy of Madagascar and Stealth, (DVDx ccopy,CloneDVD,Nero recode) but I couldn’t now I have the whole disc save on drive with DVDX Rescue, What I Can do now to burn it because the protection is copied also.

Use DVD Decrypter along with latest AnyDVD v.5611 to rerip to your HD in ISO or file mode.

i don’t think you have copied the the film, protection aswel, as this is the whole point of the protection, to keep peeps from coping it.
D/load clonedvd2/anydvd (trials) from www.slysoft.com and see if your able to copy them correctly.

Thanks for advise, I’ve tried hard last night first by updating AnyDVD to 5611 but I still get the error message of missing…Video TS_8_*VOB for cloneDVD and DVD Decrypter fails from start.
I’ve tried also few other things I"ve read on this pages but constant errors.
But the movies plays OK from the drive. I don’t know…

Try this method using all default settings except the following…

[I] Go to the DVD Decrypter Opening Page - Tools - Settings

I/O Tab - Tick on “Elby CDIO-Elaborate Bytes”

General Tab - un-tick “Check For Structure Protection”[/I]

This will use the updated AnyDVD driver and not conflict with the non-updated DVDD.

Make sure your Anti-virus is turned off as well as any other programs you do not need.

What is your OS ie. WinXP, Win2000 etc.? Is your Hard Drive NTFS or FAT32? If NTFS rip with DVD Decrypter in ISO mode.

Once you rip to your HD successfully try using Nero Recode or DVD Shrink to Author the DVD.

Use this method to backup your personally owned DVD’s