What to choose NEC 2500A or Toshiba CD-R5212?


8X DVD-/+R Write
4X DVD-/+RW Write
12X DVD-ROM Read
32X CD-R Write
10X CD-RW Write HS
40X CD-ROM Read
Horizontal or Vertical Mount
External Dimensions (W x H x D):
146mm x 41.5mm x 185.5mm
MTBF 100,000 hours
Weight: 1.0 kg

DVD-R: Disc at once, Incremental write;DVD-RW: Disc at once, Incremental write, Restricted overwrite;DVD+R: Sequential write;DVD+RW: Sequential write; Random overwrite;CD-R/RW: Disc at once, Track at once, Session at once, Packet write.

from just glancing, we can see that the nec has a speed advantage on the tosh, and the man who’s made the nec the most desirable drive on earth (Sir Herrie) also says that tosh recorders tend to be brass.
I don’t know anything about tosh recorders, but if the big guy says that, I’m more inclined to give his opinion a fair bit of weight.