What to choose mpeg or wma - if I plan on putting on dvd to play on TV

what is the best form of movie to download…mpeg or wma…I have a large tv and and want to make sure the detail is there…

Just a quick piece of advice - make sure it’s legally-distributed movies :iagree:.

For us to give you some specific help, you’ll have to expand on what you mean by “MPEG”. Types 1, 2 or 4…?

well…I really don’t know what type…these are downloaded from overnet - but they are training videos…supposedly in wma and mpeg…

assuming that these are public domain (ie non-commercial):

if you have no idea, i’d go with mpeg. there are more mpeg friendly programs than wma friendly programs when it comes time to convert and author your dvds.

WMA is for audio, not video.

And there can be vast differences in quality in both… Any other specifics could definitely help us help you decide.

i just assumed it was a typo and he meant WMV (and then I went ahead and made the same stupid typo in my post haha)

now we definitely need clarification!