What to buy?

im using a prepaid online payment card service and i have 65 USD in my account and the problem is that it will expire on august 2004.
i was trying to find something to buy and i really need some dvd media but i cant buy them because the shipping costs are just too much and maybe more than the price of the media itself!!
what do u think i should buy with the money? i was thinking of a service or something that doesnt need shipping but i can’t really find something i need.
can someone suggest a thing to buy??
please help!!!

i live in Dubai,UAE


How’s about some movies by Red Light District? Private Gold’s not bad either. Most of their flicks are story driven, if you’re not into gonzo.

Hah you perv Stoner! :stuck_out_tongue:
That was my first idea too! :bigsmile:

But well, you could buy some CD’s off www.cd-wow.com (that is if your online credit card is valid as a VISA/Mastercard/Delta or two other cards (whos logos I do not recognize).

Or you could buy something really useless off eBay… :slight_smile:

thanks alot for the suggestions guys…i’ve just stopped by www.zinio.com
what do you think about it? is it anygood??
im thinking to get 2 or 3 nice magazines for a year…looks great!