What to buy?

Guy’s I brought the 50-pk. Verbatim DVD+R Disks from OfficeMax for $15.98 after taxes.

But,the dvd’s that I’am copying of are to long for these disc.What do I need to buy?See,When I went to burn the movies.It says not enough disc room.
I think the movie was like 7,7798 and the disc only had 4,6870 space.

Do dual-layers have more room?


Use only Verbatim DL media ( Made in Singapore ) :iagree:

Where can I find some small package Verbatim DVD+R DL kinda cheap for now?Until ,I can buy a 50-100pk. in a few weeks?
Something like a 3-pk./5-pk./or even 10-pk. DVD+R DL Disc package

You can shrink Dual layer DVDs down quite a bit without much quality loss at all.

I use DVD shrink to shrink down my original DVDs. I find many of them have extras that aren’t needed, or different languages that you’ll never listen to. My boxset of Alias S1 has like 700MB per disc of like spanish and some other language. That’s 700MB I can cut out right there.

If your computer is not that fast, it will take some time to shrink original dvds down. Sometimes I just put 5 or more on overnight then it’s done next morning.

Currently on sale Micro Center 10pack $16
or 50pack Sams club $70 and make sure check Made in Singapore

Okay,Thats cool.Oh my PC is qite fast!