What to buy for DVDreading? DVDROM or DVDRW?

I have an ancient DVDROM (teac dv-516e) that cannot read written DVD’s and a Plextor 716. I’m all set for writing dvd’s but i need a new dvd reader. Given the prices i see that with an extra 10 euros i can buy a DVDwriter instead of a DVDrom. I will use it only for dvd reading, since i will be doing my writing with the plextor. My question is , what should i buy? A dvdrom or a dvdrw?

Any help appreciated,(please state brand/and models if you can)

Thank you!

Your location says NYC, yet you’re talking about Euros? :stuck_out_tongue:

It really depends on which writer you’re talking about and which DVD-ROM. Some writers are not such good readers, and likewise, some -ROMs are not such good readers either.

The BenQ 1640 or LiteOn SOHW-1673S (or 1693S and other drives based on the 73S/93S) are probably the best writers to consider for reading. In the DVD-ROM category, the AOpen 1648/AAP or the LiteOn SOHD-16P9S (and drives that are based on the 16P9S, which include the Sony DDU1615, NEC DV-5800D, and Teac DV-516


) can come very close to the quality of the top DVD-writers (and can surpass the reading quality of average DVD-writers). Personally, I’d get a BenQ 1640 because it can probably surpass your Plextor in DVD-write quality. If going for a DVD-ROM, some users claim that the LiteOn 16P9S is almost as good (close, but not quite) as the BenQ 1640. I own neither drive, so I’m just going by what the general consensus on the forum seems to be at the moment.

damn, i cant find the BenQ 1640 here (Another alternative perhaps?). Is it really that good? Even better than my Plextor in writing and reading?..

Thank you!

If you’re willing the pay the big bucks, get the Plextor 740A… it’s the same as a BenQ 1640, except Plextor makes you pay an arm and a leg for them to change the BenQ sticker on the drive into a Plextor sticker. :wink:

In the DVD-writer world, there are other good readers, but they usually aren’t so great at writing, and the ones that are great at writing usually aren’t so great at reading (not to say that they’re bad; but relatively speaking, but great). So maybe you should just get a good-quality DVD-ROM instead. shrug

no big bucks here. 10 more euros is not , 50 more is not.
I need a reeder, i have an excellent writer.
I need a FAST reader.

Thank you all, please state brands and models if you can.

Both BenQ and Liteon 1693 are fast readers, but higher priced as they are writers. The Liteon 16P9S is a very fast and good quality reader and priced around $20, US. It is also sold as a Sony DDU1615.

If you find this drive make sure you get the fast firmware here:


I have the Benq1640 (you can order this at www.newegg.com, if you really are in NYC spending those euros :slight_smile: ) and I also have the liteon 16p9s, these guys are all right they are both fast good readers. The Benq is faster though, plus it’s an EXCELLENT burner. For about $25-30 bucks more than the liteon you can have a great burner too, you have to decide if it’s worth it to you to spend a little more, I would. :slight_smile: What I like about the Benq 1640 is that it’s an awesome burner AND reader, as already mentioned, these two don’t come together often in one drive.