What to buy and what programs to buy to set me up to make good videos?

I Bet Your tired of stuff like this. But im new to dvd burning. I need all information and LINKS… I need to know what to buy and what programs to buy to set me up to make good videos. I dont want it being way exspensive.

But please post links to the burner that would be the best.
Please post the program to make the dvds and the link.

I have an xp computer and i dont think it has a dvd burner? DOes it?

Try…ummmmmmm using …“search” I’m sure you’ll find more useful info there…

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Windows XP is an operative system, not an hardware configuration. To see if your computer have a DVD burner you should read user’s manual to see what there is on your machine

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Buy a Benq 1650, 1655, or a NEC. Download DVD Shrink. Download DVD Decrypter. Download DVDFab Decrypter. Download Nero CD-DVD Speed.

k. What’s the best program?

Im experienced in using software. I use photoshop tons. So this can be a hard program. But i want it about medium.

@ gudac - Hey bro, you should do some searching and reading, and not expect people to do all the work for you. There is a ton of information on this site, all you have to do is take some time to research it. Good luck! :iagree:

Use AnyDVD and CloneDVD:


AnyDVD unlocks (decrypts the disc) and CloneDVD copies it to a file or burns it. I copy the DVD to a file and test it then burn with nero.

I have not seen a disc I couldn’t burn yet.

There are free tools. Nero will most likely come with your drive. And study from there.

Well buddy…you found it…read all threads archived or active this webite, use search to navigate. i don’t usually flame, I hope this is not a flame, noob or not…it’s just rude to demand.

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where did he demand anything? all the time you lot have posted in this thread complaining you haven’t given him one place to start his search. If he knows nothing about it how is he supposed to know where to start searching?

Start HERE and HERE Good Luck If you need anymore help just ask

OP said he needed “all information and all links”. With that as the question…I stand by both posts.

well dont you think he needs help not criticism?

Please, let’s not turn this into an argumentative thread. Why not take it easy guys?

Welcome gudac to the forums, it’s always good to have more people joining and sharing the experiences available here. :slight_smile:

You may want to take a look here, and also check out the links that slayerking posted.

To touch on a subject of which drive is ‘best’, to put it simply, there is none. Everyone has their own opinion, so your best bet is to browse to the second link posted by slayerking and check out some of the topics in that forum and the various sub forums there. It may seem daunting at first, there’s a lot of people willing to help though. :slight_smile:

To backup your dvd’s check out the transcoding link here or to create your own video dvds i’d recommend Nero by Ahead software. To minimise your cost though, check out the software package that may come with your burner when you decide to purchase one.

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gudac…first off you need to know if your computer already has a DVD burner…or else you can pick one up …I personally use a BenQ 1640 which can be nabbed off newegg(dot)com really cheap…and as for software …there is some good free ware you can use …take a look at this thread…many good programs there for free…http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=879374&postcount=1

Here’s some links:
http://www.cd-burning-stuff.com/ DeepBurner DVD/CD software-free
http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/video_encoders/vso_divxtodvd_free.cfm vsodivxtodvd Convert avis,mpgs to dvd-free
http://www.dvdshrink.info/downloads.php compress dvds-free
http://dvd-rb.dvd2go.org/index.php DVD Rebuilder compress dvds, much better quality than above but slower-free
http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/dvd_rippers/dvd_decrypter.cfm Dvd decrypter rip dvds, You may be able to DL it here: http://www.doom9.org/
http://www.dvdidle.com/free.htm DvdFab decrypter rip dvds-free

Some may apply, some may not; all of the programs are free you may find them useful someday

Thank You guys so much. You have really helped me out. I got my dvd burner. I got nero. As soon as i get my dvd burner installed i will download the other programs so i burn dvds. Thank you so much. Sorry if i seemd like i was demanding. I didnt mean to. Thanks