What time is it?

Do you know what time it is?

Yes. :smiley:
Snack time

No time on Teh IntarWeb

Hammer Time

time to get up :eek:

Ultimately Snack time lol,
Well the time shifted and on my cell phone I was going back
in time on some of my recent calls lol it had calls made in the future. :slight_smile:

Good question. According to my sources, Summertime ended here in Middle Yurp about 10 hours ago, yet my computer´s internal clock, which is set to correct itself automatically, is only going to check the time at 2:30pm this afternoon!
I think it checks only once a week.
Anyway…around here it´s time for a pee and a coffee.

Strange, I saw Windows flip over from 0259 to 0200 this morning by itself

Could this be because I am using Firefox?

Hahahaha…I just woke up, thinking it was after 2pm…now I realise it’s nearly 1:30pm, so I haven’t overslept much after all :bigsmile:

Now to set all the stupid clocks back…

Hehe. This thread just saved me from arriving at work an hour early tomorrow. Thanks.:flower:

It’s winter :sad:

lets see its day time…and time for me to either go back to bed or start backing up some programs to do that format :wink:

Full-on format and a fresh install = Peace of Mind (if it all goes right). I like to do a BASE install (no drivers loaded) and then do a GHOST image of that so I can just recall that if I need to later.

I really, really don’t dig daylight savings stuff. Leave it one time all year round and let’s just live with it.

Yep first snow of year here. Took this picture out my back door 5 minutes ago.:Z

Speaking of snow, I’m going to go on a “Snow Train” trip in December. Nice train ride over the mountain pass to a quaint little town, celebrate the lighting of the Xmas tree, then back on the train to home.

Last year I did it and it snowed nicely and was a BEAUTIFUL ride on the way there. Could not see much on the way back, but heck, I was still a happy camper.

Here’s some pics of it from last year:

Awww, nice, crossg - so pretty! :slight_smile:

Not as nice if you’ve gotta walk in it, or drive it though, I suppose. LOL.

Edit: you should see cats in the snow, it’s so funny. Shaking the paws after every step :bigsmile:…still at least I can see my Baz in the snow, since he’s black. My mum loses her kitty when it snows (he’s white) :bigsmile:

My God…it’s like ten to six in the evening, and it feels like 9pm!!!

Still, I have a mountain of stuff on the PC to catch up on and finish, so I’m happy to have the “extra” time. :slight_smile:

:sad: too much snow :sad:

hey! wait a minute: where is the “pizza time” option ??? :doh:

She needs to teach her cat to do this