What threads to read first?

Hi! I just signed up on this forum this week.

Please forgive me for being lazy, but I wanted to ask if someone could show me any particularly good posts that I should check out first, so I can get up to speed here?

Thank you, Mike

Hi Mike and welcome to the Freak Show.

Actually you have to read all of the threads…there will be a test!


Read all the stickies first :slight_smile:

Depends what your interests are really.

When I started here I was looking around at all the dvd burner reviews and browsing the general hardware section alot.

You can try [B]SEARCH[/B] it will get you up to speed in no time :slight_smile:

First Welcome to CDFreaks, as TimC pointed out is all depends to your line of interest , Copying, Burning, DVD hardware or software. You tell your hobby we tell you where to start.

Good advice, some good stuff in those :wink:

As suggested, a Search may answer your questions quickly. But what else you read depends on what you’d like to know :slight_smile:

Welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

(LOL @ Dean - your “teacher” side is showing :bigsmile: )

It is refreshing to see someone actually want to do their own research, before jumping in and asking questions…

There are a lot of things you can do with a burner so that is the most important question. Do you want to do movie backups, burn data, audio and music, games? Do you have a burner or need recommendations and do you have known good media? If you could answer a few questions we could better direct you to specific threads or stickies that will get you started.

Look like the poster lost interest and don’t bother to come back.