What this about?

As Jay Leno would say ‘What’s this about?’

Are we supposed to guess what the question is?

What are the spikes between .75 gigs and 2.5 gigs??

That were it burnt at 6x.

Shifted from 4x to 6x and from 6x to 8x.

Looks like 6x part write strategy is not optimized (in firmware) for this type of media. Jitter of 16% will also most probably cause read back problems.

Run a transfer rate test to check readback ability. :wink:

There might be a workaround by changing write strategy in this part, but right now only a few on this board are able to do this…

Which firmware would you recommend?

Can’t answer you this one because I don’t have a 3520 burner, sorry.

Maybe Dee-27 can… :wink:

This scan was much better:

What Discs Brand/media code are u burning?
I would give LD 1.U8 FW a shot

CMC MAG AE1, will give that firmware a try and post the results…later!