What the hell is going on!

:confused: I am totally confused,keep trying to update nero 6009 to version 60019,once it’s installed it then reverts back to the demo version! and I have to keep installing my serial number but it makes no god damn difference,if I revert back to the 6009 version it reverts back to the full version,nero you have seriously lost the plot,you are so concerned with piracy that you don’t even know what the f**k you are doing,first thing monday morning your piece of shit software is going back to the store I purchased it in,the cd-rewriter I purchased had nero express and incd 3.39.0 which worked great but your latest incarnation is a total piece of dogs poo.

try this first enter the serial when it first opens and asks you for i then go up to help immediately | enter new reg. and enter it again let me know if ths worked

didnt work for me not sure what the deal is. but anyhow it doesnt say that it is going to run out of time and isnt the upgrade file the same as the demo file? which is supposed to be full function anyhow right? so really is it not just cosmetic?

:a thank you for all your help but nothing I do helps me install the updates for nero 6,just reinstalled easy cd creator 6 and everything is ok,its not perfect but compared to nero 6 its a god send.