What The HECK!



What the HECK Has Happened to NERO!!..Every Upgrade of Nero since begining of 6 Ultra is TOTAL RUBBISH…Please Do Not Come Back n Stick Up for the Makers of Nero…It has been going DownHill for Ages now, Ever Since they Tried (Yes Tried) to intergrate DVD with CDR…Can’t Ahead make a seperate DVD Burner n Leave the CD part alone…
Everyone of the 6 series has a Problem, n Some are serious!..My Burns took ages in em all n I was blameing SP1…3minutes or more to Burn a Music CDR at anything from speed of 6 to 32 instead of 48…As for YUK!!
It would not do an Overburn (kept refuseing) took 3m.50s to burn an 18 song Music Album at anything from 6 speed to 32 speed…
DELETED everything I could find of Nero n Re-Installed version…
What a Revelation! OverBurns with No Probs, recognises 90minute CDs & BURNS in 2m.49s an 18 song Album @ 48 speed…(YES! I said 48 speed)…
Don’t know how it does DVD-Rs as I not done one yet, but I’ll be back to let ya know…I have Loved Nero since the days of version 4, but I reckon they had Better SACK/FIRE/GETRIDOF the Person/s who’s doing these Upgrades because He/She has NOT got a Clue…
So I’m on the Look Out for a NEW DVD Burning Progy if this version is not upto standards…Any Good Alternatives out there!!!..
Cheers All…


LoL I think that I can handle the extra 1minute 01 second of extra time without flipping out…!!
the overburn problem sucks but I personaly Like the program for the most part


to be honest, I upgrade for upgrading sake…lol, but I hear you on the devolution of Nero.
I understand every software will have it’s problems, but I’d like to be able to purchase DVD blanks that aren’t RW without being scared of losing money.


well dont get me wrong i have had my share of problems with it but I have yet to burn a dvd using nero6 that didnt work…besides what software out there doesnt have problems?


Its true to some extent, since the newer upgrades seem to have more bugs in them thats affected me more than the even the original version of 6.3.
However, the pros still outweigh the cons of it as i love the other utilities as well.
Why don’t you try and be constructive and email their support with some constructive criticism.


After Curseing n Shouting at me Comp because of Nero i don’t think i got anything Constructive to say…lol…I found that Nero ver. is Brilliantly fast for all my CDR work, but alas there be No DVD in it…So I gona use this un for ever!!
Now then----What progy can I use for my DVDs then?!..i need the progy to Burn my Jpg/Tiff photos as DATA to DVD-Rs plus MP3s as well as DVD Video…
Answers will be appreciated even though this be a Nero Forum!! THANKS ALL…


I found that when i had problems with it, deleting all the Nero software hasn’t done the trick and a rebuild of the system fixed the problems.


I am using Nero and have no problem burning anything to DVDs.


Burning DVDs with Nero is not a Problem…Its Very Good actually…No Complaints there…
Its that the copying Music to CDR has slowed down quite a lot…Plus the Speed is now from 4x to 32x instead of 48x…version is Great for Music CDRs, it Burns @ 48x as it should do…(in 2m.49s)