What the heck is windows xp auto play



Hi everyone ……
I have windows xp sp2
I am using both nero express and roxio sonic record now deluxe 7.21 to back up my data and I always get the pop up auto play scanning my computer and whats with this next pop up window that always comes up “ windows can perform the same action each time you insert a disk or connect a device to this kind of file and there are about six icons to choose from and one of them is an icon of sonic record now deluxe and its “ add files using sonic record now deluxe “ what do you want windows to do
I have always clicked cancel on this without really knowing what it does or what it is
Can you tell me what this is and if I should be clicking on the sonic record now add files icon ??
Thanks people



The primary purpose of Autoplay is to provide a software response to hardware actions initiated by the user on the machine. The Autoplay feature remained roughly the same from Windows® 95 though Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium Edition (Me) because up until recently there have been very few new scenarios with regard to user-initiated hardware events that could trigger a useful Autoplay action. But lately, with the spread of digital multimedia content (music, graphics, and video) and of the many devices to generate or consume that content, many new scenarios are begging for Autoplay to grow. Windows XP reflects the rapid growth of consumer multimedia with an expanded Autoplay feature. In addition to refining the existing Autorun.INF mechanism, audio CD Autoplays, and DVD video Autoplay, support has been added to handle digital music (WMA/MP3), graphics, video, CD burning, video cameras, and other hardware devices.


Thank You all very much