What the heck is MDS and CCD?



I need to backup Riddick into an ISO, but b/c it’s Securom, the ISO file format is not available. So what is this MDS and CCD? They make multiple files, not just one… which do I use for mounting?

Is there any way to turn these into ISOs? All my other CDs are ISOs…


Any Format is OK for Mounting. MDS is Alcohol 120%'s own format, and CCD is Clone CD’s own format. (BWT is Blindwrites) These Formats are the best simply because they are designed specifically with Copy-Protection in mind. ISO is more generic.


Okay, that sounds cool, but which files do I need? MDS creates 2 files, and CCD creates 3.



You need to use the SecuROM 4.x/5.x Datatype in Alcohol 120%.
You will notice only the mds/mdf file type is possible then.


Ok, but there are 2 files created. So which do I need? What do I do with the otherone?



You need both.
You can mount with the mds file.