What the fuge is wrong with my maddog 16x?

Hey guy, i have a very weird problem going on here with my maddog megastor 16x dual layer dvdrw(rebadged NEC 3500).

Everytime the activity LED of the dvd writer lights up,.ie when ejecting or burning a disc, the HDD activity LED would also light up. :smiley:

Then when the Maddog’s activity LED is out, the HDD activity LED is out at the same time. :smiley: (ie…after the maddog’s led light stopped blinking or finish burning a dvd)

LOL, what is wrong with them? It’s like the two LEDs like light up and out together. :slight_smile:

The OEM liteon drive that came with the computer doesnt do this, anyone have a problem like this?

The HDD activity LED doesnt blink, it just light up.

Btw i set the jumper setting of the maddog drive to CS, when i took it out of the box, it was set to MA. I saw that the two drives that was already in my computer(a DVD ROM drive and OEM SOHW-822s) were set to CS, so i thought why not set the new drive’s jumper to this setting too.

Ok, anyone have a clue to what is going on with this “mad dog”? :bigsmile:

Many activity LEDs tied to the motherboard activate on any IDE activity, not just the hard disk.

but then why didnt my liteon do this also when i press eject? :confused:

easy123: The LED activity with both the Writer and the PC is normal with NEC drives, no need to worry =).

ok, thank. I thought its defective or something. When it’s burning the harddrive activity LED just light up until the maddog finish burning, no matter where the files are coming from. ie. i burn something from my WD 120gb external harddrive,yet the computer’s HDD activity LED still lid up and just doesnt blink a bit. What is wrong with those NEC engineers?