What the bleep

I’m having trouble with the 3 DVD box set quantum edition of “what the bleep - down the rabbit hole.” These discs have some weird navigation options , including the ablity to randomly select scenes ( don’t ask me how that’s done, I’ve no idea) but I’ve put them onto my HD using the full disc copy option at 100% so you’d think all of the original content would be present ?

( I need to do this because they are region 1 only DVDs & Live in region 2 land, my powerDVD software refuses play the originals, unless I reset it, though my mutil-region stand alone player is OK with them)

So now with full disc on HD, when I try to play with some of the navigation otions I encounter a DVDfab splash screen saying content removed, and playback stops. What could this be ? can the DvD be checking to see if the encryption has altered, or if region protection codes have gone, as i thought that was the only thing which DVD fab omitted in full DVD9 mode ?

Try using the new updated version of dvdfab I think is what the
new version is called. I had some overcompressed artifacts issues with
some dvd’s . The first was the number 23 , and 300,and FENGTAO,fixed these
issues with the new version of dvdfab. So try it first.If it doesn’t solve it
then e-mail FENGTAO,the guy’s at dvdfab will figure it out.

ok but it’s not an artifact as such. I,m seeing the screen which fab inserets when it’s omitted a chapter or title - a screen which says “content remove by DVDfab”. I’d expect to see that only on a custom copy not on a full disc copy, because full disc option instructs fab to remove mnothing except the region code & encryption. SO why I see this sreen with some navigation options after making a full disc copy is puzzling.

It may be to do with how randomisaition works. I read somewhere the that the “down the rabbit hole” approach of displaying random chapters was first used in The Matrix DVD but I don’t know how it works. I know how computers can gernerate psuedo random numbers but I don’t know how a DVD player can be instructed to select chapters at random, and what effect this has within fab copies ?
clearly the DVd playback is trying to find a scene that’s missing from the copy, and is finding the “removed by DVDfab” message instead. When I play from the original DVD it works fine so whatever is happening is a side effect of making a full disc copy.

Yeah that’s what I mean it may be some new protection their putting in the software.
So I suggest that you e-mail FENGTAO. It seems their doing it to protect duplication
in full disc mode.
Good Luck ZAP.