What the best firmware for these drives?

Hello, this is my first post. :wink:

I Have three LiteOn drives.

A DVD Rom model XJ-HD166S (DS1A)

A CDRW model LTR-52327S (old Hardware revision QS0C)

And a New DVDRW model SOHW-812S (US0Q)

I would like to know what firmware is the best for each drive.

For the writers, what firmware performs best writing quality.

For the reader, what firmare is better for DAE.

Can I overclok the DVDRW to 823S usin omnipatcher? What are the options?

Thanks from Spain.

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I can answer a couple of the question.

For the 166S, DS1C is available from my site with increased read speeds. See my signature and follow the link to the firmware page.

For the 812S, yes it can be changed to an 832S by using the OmniPatcher. The options really depend on your media. Start with the recommended tweaks, increase read speed and cross flash options. VS0B seem to be be pretty good firmware and is also available on the same firmware page.

I do not know if this was unique to my 166s DS1C (liteon stock), but when I used as a CD reader I started to get corrupt copies of audio CDs. I went back to DS1A and all was well again.

The CDs were burnt on a 451S.

Yes, I have heard of problem with DS1C before. Hmmm, maybe we need to have both versions available. I’ll pass this on to code65536. This is his patch…

Thanks, I agree with rjj, I have upgraded the dvd rom unit to ds1c and the result is a complete disaster, more and more dae errors, also the dvd rip speed is slower, the only advantage is that the sound of the unit is lower.

I come back to ds1a and everything works fine again.

So I think the best firmware for 166s is ds1a. (liteon stock)

What firmware (stock) for the dvdrw? for the moment, i will no update for DL.

And for the cdrw? Im using ds1c.

That’s curious. I’ve been using DS1C for a while now, and I haven’t encountered any problems. Then again, as CK noted, this is not the first case where someone has reported something wrong with DS1C. If I get some time, I might try some things to see if I can reproduce these problems. In the meantime, while I haven’t personally noticed any problems with DS1C, I haven’t noticed any improvements, either, so it may be advisable to just stick with DS1A…

My 166s was originally a LTD-166S with DS0B and would not accept official XJ-HD166S DS0F firmware. I used MtkwinFlash to install DS0F. All has been OK since with subsequent firmware upgrades. The only problem I have had is with audio extraction using DS1C. Went away when I downgraded to DS1A.

Well, I think my burns are a disaster, I did the burn at 2X and a 4X, same results.

Im using some Princos DVD-R Discs with the latest oficial firmware, when I play some discs in my Philips DVD737 the image keeps still. :frowning:

This burn is done with my old Pioneer 104 at 2X on the same discs (same cake box)

Is there something I can do to fix this, maybe change the media? I have burn Maxell -DVDR with the same results.

What can I do? other firmware? other media? I have a lot of Princos, so I want to use them. :bow:


I’m by no means an expert but the liteon drives love good quality dvd+ media…I made the same mistake and bought dvd- media even though they were ty’s (beginners luck) the results were less then impressive.

I fear there is little hope for those Princos, especially given that your Pioneer can’t burn them as well. Might have to write this one off to experience. :sad: Pay a little extra for good media. It’s cheaper in the long run. :wink:

Edit: You could try some strategy changes for the Princos. Check out the changing strategies results sticky.

There are some counterfit TY -Rs going around. You might have been unlucky enough to get some of them. :sad: You could also try some startegy changes. Check out the results sticky and see if anyone has found a better strategy for this media.

thanks C0deKing have a feeling that they are most likely fakes 38$ CAN. for 50 mirror finish.Sitting with a group of no name disks.Like I said when I bought them I didn’t even know what ty was or that dvd+ were better for my liteon drive.So I will chalk it up to a learning experience.O-well

Thanks CodeKing, i will have a try with another brand of media, but where i live i can only find princos, bulkpak, lead data, emtec.

Best +R or -R

I have two more cans of 25 princos :a

I don’t understand “strategy changes” can you explain me what must i do for burn these 50 princos with the most quality possible?


I have found that if I burn the Princo’s at 2x I get better compatability. Still only work in my living room DVD and not the cheap player in the bedroom. Ritek GO4s play in both.

I have been trying to get some decent burns out of the Princos I have with “some” good results.
However, the results tend to vary a lot as does I guess the media.
I have flashed my 451s to an 832s and am using the VSOB firmware (see my sig).
You could try this with your 812s?
The interesting thing is that although the KProbe graphs do not look fantastic the discs still play quite happily in my Samsung combo DVD-V80.

I don’t understand anything, have done a new burn with no changes in the firmware, record speed or nero version, and this is the result.

This burn is done at 4X with nero with my lite-on 812S :eek:

The only thing i’ve changed is a new can of the same princos buyed at the some time that the other one.

I Think the quality of the media varies from one can to another.


Most definitely. Especially with Princo. But that’s still not a bad burn. How well does it read using Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test? This can be a more important test than KProbe.

Thanks CodeKing, this is the results with Nero CD - DVD Speed

Do you reccomend me -R or +R Media?


That looks prefect. Now the only thing to watch is, does it stay that way. Do me a favour and check it again in a weeks time and show me the results.

I’m a +R man myself. Depends on what you want to do with it. Some like to use -R because of it’s compatibility with DVD player but bitsetting has gotten over most of that. The Liteon seems to prefer +R to -R, so you will tend to get better results if you use +R but on the other hand some -R can produce very low PIFs which probably makes it better than +R. Confused as to which to use, yeah well we all are. Just buy quality media and you can’t go wrong. :slight_smile: