What taked Decrypters place? IE What's Next



I am NEW to all of this and I guess I miss out on the length of time you guys had with deddecrypter, My question is this…

What will allow users to strip copyrights off DVD’s??? I get pissed because I COPY my OWN DVD’s and watch them,thus NOT having to use the originals till I HAVE To, a Buddy of mine uses a Bought program, I think it is 321 Back up?? he has 2 DVD burners and goes from one to abnother and has had no problems, he has moved though and I don’t know if that works anymore…

So. what will we ALL use in the futurw, Can some say?,predict?,Guess??? or is there a program to purchase that will do this instead of the GREAT/AWESOME program the Lightning UK made many times, or is this it for a while till someone picks up Lightning torch…

BTW Lightning, I’m new to this, but hank You for providing your VAST intelligence to this community, I wish you much luck…

I^& a newbie


DVDDecrypter will still be able to do all current dvd’s on the market. Gievn we are soon getting into HD DVD’s and the new Blu Ray/HD DVD formats to come out, I think comapny’s will concentrate on spending funds more on those than on DVD technology that is now.

I doubt any nw protections will come out with movies.

Games on the other hand… this may be a different issue.


DVD DECRYPT by dvd x will be out in late july early august. payware


Do you have any other info about this software? Perhaps a website link?


All I can say is that if you have to buy a decryption program, consider Slysoft’s AnyDVD (www.slysoft.com). Although it would be $39.99 US, it lists ‘lifetime updates’ for it, so it would be a one-time payment.


dvd x are the company behind many dvd copying/player programs. also go under blaze dvd [and i think other sub company names/fronts]. i read @ a warez forum that an insider at the company had info on a dvd decrypt app release, now that dvd decrypter has gone