What style of clothes do you ware?

I’m conducting this survey just to do some market research. I am starting my own clothing company and need as much input as possible. If you wear other please explain. Especially what type of shirt as I am going to be producing t-shirts,hoodies,and hats.

I’m floating somewhere between 1) and 4). :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hey, you edited your post! :eek:
But IMO this poll doesn’t have enough options… maybe you should make it a multi-poll at least? I’m sure quite a few float between different categories :bigsmile:

i wear “other” clothes

no options for underwear on the head…this is not a request but a demand!! all Polls should have said option…

now back to the topic…there are no options for us ladies of the forum

Who wears underware?? :o

Everybody wears underwear, I guess :wink: (don’t know whether you do, though, as you asked)
But I don’t know what under[I]ware[/I] is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything, as long as it’s black. :slight_smile:

Hey Sexy this poll was meant for the ladies too. There are tons of girls clothing lines in the skateboarder lines. Look at Arson or Red Dragon. I’m gonna be making a ladies line also with basically shirts to begin with. Spaghetti strap and tanks

Woo! MegaDETH going commando??? :wink:

I dunno about MegaDETH, but we know Draggles does - have you ever seen a dragon wearing underwear? :wink:

Commando and can’t spell, wow what a prize I am :rolleyes:

:iagree: Cant go wrong :bigsmile: