What stands for "Bulk Drive"?



Hi Dears,
Who would like to explain me about bulk drive? After a short search I found that there are some drives are called bulk drive (Pioneer A07/107 are called bulk but A08/108 are not called bulk). What is the difference?


bulk you don’t get a fancy box or software. the retail version has a different face plate and a quieting component so the drive isn’t loud. the retail version is always more expensive than the retail version. the 108 is about a $100.00 more. in my opinion getting a bulk (OEM) version is fine. the performance is the same. but if you got the cash to burn and want a fancy retail box and different face plate then get the retail.


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Thanks for the info…Once I have bought 6 pieces of DVR-105 (OEM) for my DVD duplicator and those did not work at all…I faced reading & writing both problems with them…Now I decided to buy 107/A07…which is better? Would you please recommend a manufacturer? I tried to buy original Pioneer but it’s defficult to find…seems everybody likes OEM.



Retail: A drive sold in the original box from the manufacturer of the drive.

Bulk: A drive from the manufacturer without the box, but the same as a drive which you would get in a retail box. You may or may not get software.

OEM: May be “rebadged” for other companies. The rebadging might include changes to the faceplate, and/or the firmware. OEM drives are often sold in bulk (large quantities) to companies like Teac, Asus, Dell, Sony (for their desktop computers), etc.

For Pioneer drives, OEM’s often get firmwares that are different from the firmwares in retail/bulk drives. Pioneer DVR drives have 'kernel/normal" types as shown by DVRFlash. Official firmwares that Pioneer posts to the public on their website are intended for use with their retail products only, but since the bulk drives are the same (and should have the same kernel/normal types), they should also accept the Pioneer firmware updates. When you get a drive that is rebadged by a company like Asus or Teac, it has a completely different name and is not easily identifiable as made by Pioneer. When you get a drive that was meant for companies like HP or Sony to put into their computers, they are usually identified normally as Pioneer drives, but they often have different Kernel/Normal types, so Pioneer’s firmware updates will refuse to flash them. These companies usually release their own firmware updates that are meant for these OEM drives. Pioneer doesn’t seem to be selling retail boxed standard DVR-108 drives anymore, only DVR-108XL models…

As for the differences between retail DVR-10#(D) and DVR-10#(XL) models, the XL models have the benefit of compatibility with the Quiet Drive utility which lets you slow control the speed of the drive. Pioneer claimed that the DVR-A07XL model had improved hardware over the standard DVR-107D, but they no longer make this claim for the DVR-108 vs. DVR-A08XL. The main difference is the appearance and the ability to use the Quiet Drive utility.


Hei Salut,

Again I have come back to wise people…I have found some different model signs on Pioneer (A/1)08…and those are following;

1…A08 XLA
2…A08 XLB
3…A08 XLC
1…108 AXL
2…108 BXL
3…108 EXL…

Why there are different types of XL? Give a quote please. Thanks…


As I answered to your other thread asking this same question:

A08 XL = retail version, posh looking case and supplied with software.

108 XL = OEM or BULK version, same drive internally as A08 XL but the case and front are slightly different (plainer looking) and usually no software supplied.

A = cream/beige front
B = Black front
C = silver front

(I think I’ve got the colours the right way round.)


Thanks again…now got that A,B,C after or before XL means their colors


There shouldn’t be any difference between XL* and *XL models. Pioneer may just sell the XL model under different model names in different locations. Confusing as hell, yes…