What speeds should i burn these TDKs at?

i have an ASUS 1814BLT SATA drive and a Pio 112 IDE all with altest firmware

and i have found three types of TDK DVDS at home.

TTH02 - DVD-R White faced for printing rated 1-16x( 50+20 Bonuspack made in taiwan)

TTG02 - DVD-R light blue faced rated at 1-8x (100 Spindle Made in taiwan)

TTH02 - DVD-R purplish faced rated at 1-16x (100 spindle made in taiwan)

My PC is not a limiting factor (core2duo @ 2.51ghz, 2gb Geil, plenty of SATA drives and IDE drives)

What speeds should i burn these at what which is the better media? I have no idea how to read those CD speed charts, so if you guys just give me a general idea that would be awesome.

#1 8X & 12X, #2 4X & 8X, #3 8X & 12X, then scan & take a look at how they turn out. Post the results here in the right sub-Forum & I am confident somebody will help you out.

so generally 8x for all these dvds?

does anybody have any experience with these dvds?


They just appeared out of no where :bigsmile: Nice find :slight_smile:

lol yer

i knew where some were, but then i just found more and more lol

also found some OLD SCHOOL TDK 4x Made in Japan still in original single cd case shrink wrapping lol
and also found a 100 spindle of TY CDRs lol

i think those are good? or so i heard…

IMO the TTG02 are the best choice when you have to decide between TTH02 and TTG02. Get the old school TDKs and TYs :slight_smile:

ahh ok so the TTG02 are better than the TTH02…

even when they are certified for a lower speed?

Yes TTG02 are good. TTH02 are pretty crap if you ask me.

In my experience, TDK’s 8x media was far superior to TDK’s 16x media. :slight_smile:

well that kinda sux lol

i have over 100 TDK 16x media left HAHAHA… stupid TTH02

they arent THAT bad are they??

can’t be any worse than your standard low end generic brands?

ps… im thinking of getting verbatims or imations next time i buy dvds over TDK, thoughts?

Verbies are definitely a good choice, not so sure about Imation though.

TDK 16x is media I wouldn’t use for archival. It’s good enough for the occasional DVD movie backup or stuff like that, though.

wow is tdk 16x taht bad…

i have burnt quite a lot of dvds using the TDK media. should i reburn them?? (please god no…)

mostly they are movie and dvd backups, will the video corrupt over time? what about my photos?

I’d certainly back them up onto Verbatim media when you get it. TTH02 are good for what I call “everyday use” - stuff you have backed up on better media and can easily reburn should the TTH02 fail.


define fail… say i was burning videos and pictures on the TTH02… what would i expect?

TBH, I’ve never kept one long enough for it to fail since they didn’t burn well for me to begin with. I just chose different media from the beginning.

Others with more experience of TTH02 are better off advising you.

how long would they last?

im fairly paranoid atm since i know i’ve got at least 100 TTH02 left, which i have now found out they are pretty rubbish…

and i think about all the old dvds i have burnt which have video on it , and that they are potentially corrupted…


any help guys??? please give me suggestions. waht do people normally do when they burn dvds?

ps… i dont think i ever had a problem with CDRs… maybe i should burn everything to CDR as well?

You should just reburn onto Verbatim DVD media in the next year or so. If the discs go corrupted, it will become difficult to recover the data off them.

I got a 50 tub of DVD+R CMC MAG-E01-000 Imation’s once, never again, I have about 30 duff coasters in a box (out of the thousands of DVD’s I have made the bulk of which are Verbatim) and by far the most of any disk are the Imations, I have 3 Verbatims in there all because of a muck up by me, or the power co.

I dont know anything about TTx02 media …never had any, I get the best results from Verbatim for the cost of the disk.

I dont have the same drive, but I get the best results after a lot of testing with me drives (time over speed) at 8x burning, I do get better at 4x but not ‘that’ much better for the extra time taken.

:clap: :iagree: I’ll third that. TDK used to be great, now it’s just another brand with unpredictable quality. TTH02 can be anything from excellent to mediocre. As TTG02 is not produced anymore, you can only have the “old school” and very good ones… :cool:


so long how would i have approximately before TTH02 goes bad?

and can someone please tell me what affects they would have on my data? (pictures, movies)

eg. whether they corrupt my video, or only parts of it or redner them totally unreadable

ps. somehow i feel like just buying a FAT hard drive is better for data storage. thank god i bought a SATA drive and an IDE drive so i can do DVD to DVD copies which will be a lot faster as well. Also i do realise that some dvds which i burnt a few years ago still work properly(videos and they still play fine) so how does that work?