What speed to burn movies on TY02 8X DVD-R

Ok I’m not sure if this is the right forum but here goes anyway.

I bought some TY02 DVD-R 8X media and I was wondering what speed is best to burn movies for best quality burns on my Pioneer DVR 111D? When I burn with NERO it will allow me to burn at 12X even though the media only claims to be 8X. I’m thinking that isn’t a good idea for quality burns.

Will I notice a difference in movie quality by burning at 8X versus say 6X or 4X?

8x should give you excellent results, 4-6x may give slightly better or worse results but TYG02 will burn great in most burners at their rated speed. You won’t notice a difference in movie quality regardless of speed, it’s purely a digital transfer and it either ‘works or it doesn’t’ to put it simply.

I use them as backup (Taiyo Yuden [B]TYG02[/B]) and i get nicest quality scan when i burn them @ 4x but imo 4-6-8x is perfect. May depend a little on your writer, firmware and write speed but anything should be ok :smiley:


Yup 6x or 8x (your Pioneer 111d should do 8x just fine) - but [B]not[/B] 12x (run much greater chance for errors)-eh!

8x for sure. No use going much slower since quality really doesn’t improve at all.

12x is utterly useless. You save an absolute [I][B]whopping[/B][/I] time of 30 seconds. It burns more than half the disc at 8x when burning at 12x. Don’t bother with 12x :wink:

Thanks for the input fellas. It seemed everyone was saying that slower was better from what I read. Then I was thinking what’s the point of buying better faster burners and faster media if we still have to burn them at 4X. That just wouldn’t make sense to me. I suppose thought it’s like any other piece of gear. If you run it wide open there are risks involved…I think I’ll go with 8X from now on and stay away from 12X.

Slower may or may not be better depending on the media.
TYG03 and YUDEN000 T03 like being burned at 16x but hate being burned at 4x.

Agreed. :iagree:

TYG03 and YUDEN000 T03 like being burned at 16x
Agreed. :iagree:
but hate being burned at 4x.
I don’t agree.
That depends entirely on the drive and firmware. I’ve had very good burns at “1x” (real-time recording) in a HDD/DVD standalone recorder with TYG03, and excellent burns at 4x in a NEC ND-4551A drive with YUDEN000 T03.


Regarding TYG02 in a Pioneer DVR-111, I would personally burn them at 8x or 6x. Burning 8x media at 12x will almost always increase either jitter or PIE/PIF and it’s not worth it for me. I have also seen many cases of a slight improvement in jitter by decreasing burn speed from 8x to 6x in NEC and Pioneer drives.


I have burned TYG02 at 12x in a Pioneer DVR-111L which uses a 6-8-12x Z-CLV writing speed. There would be no advantage in burning at 6x if your burner and media behaves the same way as mine, but burning at 12x increases the jitter compared to an 8x burn.

So I suggest burning at 8x for this combination of drive and media.

Sorry [B]Drage[/B], this was my personal experience. As a matter of fact lots of drives have unoptimized strategies for slow burning. :frowning:

Don’t be sorry for posting your opinion or experience. :disagree: :flower:

I think many cases of bad burning at slow speeds can be attributed to poor firmware support, and not some inherent problem with the media.

The only reason I’m burning 16x media at 4x in my NEC ND-4551A is that it’s the only way I can be sure of not getting bad relinking points.

Those relinking points make my BenQ DW1655 refuse to read some sectors on those discs and make my LiteOn drives slow down at those relinking points.

I’ve also had good results at ‘real time speeds’ in my DVD Recorder with some high speed media such as TYG02 and TYG03. Having said that, I don’t think that those results can be compared to slow speed burns in DVD Burners as they nearly always give marginal to poor burns with high speed media at very slow speeds (yes there are exceptions with some combinations).

I’ve got good results from BenQ1640/1655@MCC004 4x burn, and Liteon 165P6S 6X burn. MCC004 also consistently gave me good results at 12X. I think it’s a combination of drives&medias.

Though, I prefer to burn discs at a full CLV. :o