What speed to burn at - 8x or 12x?

I have a NEC 3500 and am burnng about 200 DVDs for a project and need the best results for archival purposes. I am using Verbatim DataLifePlus -R (printable - part# 94854 with MCC 02RG20 code) media. I know when the DVD was installed the it was updated with Liggy’s and Dee’s firmware. When I go to burn with Nero it gives a choice of 8x or 12x speeds. So far I’ve been using 8x. Would it be okay to bump up to 12x or would I have a loss in quality? THANKS in advance.

if it was a simple backup then 12x might be ok, but for archives then stick to 8x

THANKS - I figured that but wanted to check. You know, 200 disks x 8 min …

but think of all the time you`ll save when you need to copy them back :slight_smile:

my verbs are TY and they do even better at 6x than 8x, adds another min which will add another 3 1/2 hours.

as these arcives are obviously inportant if you can i would do quality scans & transfer rate test just to be sure.

see the quote in my sig :iagree:

> " … quality scans & transfer rate test just to be sure."

I would love to do tests but the results are all ??? to me. I have no idea what all them charts mean!


I’ll give it a shot - THANKS again.