What speed should i write a DVD at so it comes out good?

what speed should i write a DVD at so it comes out good??
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doesent matter the speed because that doesent mess with the quality of the video that has already been recorded

Writing speed is related to burner/firmware/media used; there are no absolute rules in burning speed.

What burner/firmware/media do you have?

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What speed is the disc you’ll be using? Rule of thumb I learned here is to burn a disc at half the speed it states on the label. If the disk is an 8X, burn it at 4X.

burn it at a lower so that it doesn’t mess up that quick thats what i think. so the slower the better and its worth the time

This is not true. With high speed certified media the best option is to burn around the certified speed. Burning a 16x media @4x give bad results (with very very few exceptions).

Anyway, there is no specific rule. The “best” burning speed is related to the combination burner/firmware/media: there are no absolute rules.

I’m not sure who taught you that rule, but, generally speaking, it’s poor advice. With the majority of media/burner/firmware combinations, you will yield best results at the disc’s rated speed, although there are still plenty of cases where this won’t be true. For example most 16x media burns better at 12x in many burners vs. 16x. Really poor media, a crappy burner or poor firmware support may mean better burns at slower than rated speeds.

as geno has already stated it’s very burner, media, firmware dependant.

i will however venture to put out a general rule:

burn at either the rated speed of the media or the rated speed of your burner whichever is lower…provided that the burn speed is not vastly different from the rated speed.
(example burning 16x media at 8x in an 8x burner is OK, but burning 16x media in a 2x burner at 2x is probably going to cause some problems)

corollary to general rule:
if you suspect your burner and/or media are of questionable quality go a step slower then the rated speed without breaking the general rule.
(example: 16x burner, 8x no-name media with a MID you’ve never heard of or don’t trust? Burn it at 4x.)

note: slower is NOT better.

also note: keep firmware up to date at all times. this improves your burn capability.

and i think that’s about as general as I can keep it…if you have a more specific question other than “what speed is best” then please post it here. I’m surprised I (or anyone else for that matter) even entertained such a information-lacking thread with our responses…

Agree. Considering the similarity with locked thread.

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Believe me: it wasn’t wasted time. Many other users are reading your very good advices :iagree: :iagree:

Yamaha CRW-F1 writes HQ Master Quality at slower spedd - it doesn’t go up of 8x and thr recorder can do 44x
Some video editors that burn discs do it at very slow speeds.
I’ve seen pieces of advice in cases of lack of compatibility with players (as car stereos) to repeat the recording at lower speed
Have seen tests of recording life span where recording speed is referred as having influence
So, what to think? Nowadays people tend to defend that new drives overturned these problems.
Is it for sure? Having an open mind I can accept it, but…can we just erase this “but”?
I wouldn’t mind, if I could take it for granted. However my knowledge is a bit short for that. Just thinking loud…

CD and DVD are very different media. With some CD reader is true that slowing speed burning many issues are solved. But how I already said, the best burning speed is a matter of burner/frmware/media; each combination have the best values, and too bad the only way to find is trying.