What speed is the 109 burning Taiyo Yuden 4X+R



Just trying to find out what speed the 109 is capable of burning the 4X TY’s in the +R format… i know my 8X burn at 12X… Thanks guys…


Some 4X media got a speed boost with the 1.57 firmware upgrade. The only way to tell if your TYs are effected is to try it. If you get a speed boost, great! If not, use them anyway and buy faster media in the future.


I was just curious. I don’t see much about the TY 4X in the +R format. I have only burned 8X media to date…


Get CDSpeed and put the disc in your drive. Start the program and look at the “disc info” tab and you will see the supported burn speeds.


I was debating on buying some. I don’t physically have the discs. That is why I was asking…