What speed does your CCE encoder run at?

I normally use anydvd, and clonedvd to shrink a dvd down, to just its menus and the main movie.

After I encode with CCE SP and Normally do a 5 pass VBR.

A 2 hour long movie takes me only 160-200 minutes to encode and i get an average encoder speed of 3.5 -3.7. Sometimes it dips down to 2-3 and sometimes it jumps all the way up to 5.

Is this a good speed?

You are spinning your wheels needlessly doing 5 passes. 3 passes is all that is necessary with the full version of CCE.

CCE is known to be one of the fastest mpeg2 encoders around, but you are slowing it down with the extra passes.

I’m really not sure what this has to do with AnyDVD though.

lol, has nothing to do with it really…

But I dont mind the extra passes, its been routinely for me for several months now, and because my computer seems to be pretty fast with encoding (have 4 gigs of ram), it doesnt really bother me as I can go watch a movie, and the 5 passes will be complete. Even though it may not change the output of the quality, I guess you can say its more of a certainty and assurance in my mind, it just wouldnt seem right to go to 3 because I’m in such a habit of using 5 passes for so long.