What speed do you burn your dvds?

All 3500a users, do you just burn dvds at maximum speed or do you keep it low at like 4x?

I’ve never actually burned any dvds at 8x because i’m worried about the quality/stability.

max if u use gd media

I always burn my media at their rated speed. The results are high quality burns on my ND-2500 @ 2510.

Interesting - my own personal software/data discs I’ve started replacing the 700mb CDRs with multisession DVD-Rs but I wish I could be 100% confident in my media…

e.g. My most important disc I started a new multisession Data DVD in latest Nero on RitekG04 printables - I ALWAYS have verify on - it failed on verifying 1 file - burnt at 4x.

Tried burning again at 2x, same problem different 1 file it failed on - although in both cases when I tested the “failed” .zip/.rar files they would read back fine.

These two “coasters” were burnt on my newer 3500, so I decided to try my 3rd attempt on my 3-week older 3500 (I have 2 in my machine). This time it worked so I figured that maybe this newer 3500 model had a defect - so tried my 4th attempt in the newer drive and it burnt fine also.

What gives??? Is this media just too flaky - I should be feeling 100% confident in burning my important data onto DVD-Rs but I dont :frowning:

Should I be using BETTER media or something?

Thanks, Fedorov.

Isn’t there reports that Nero’s verify function isn’t entirely accurate, if I remember correctly?

Correct me if I’m wrong.

I just rely on the scan disc and if I see there are no read errors I don’t worry.

If you want to test the quality of your burns get a drive that can handle error reporting in CD speed or k-probe.

I only burn my DVDs at 4x (NEC 3500A) because i’m somewhat paranoid about quality :iagree:
It gives me better results i.e. for Verbatim 8x +Rs (MCC03).
I try to exclusively use TY’s if possible, though.

Anyone noticed that Taiyo Yuden 48x CD-Rs (Plextors) could not be burned without C2 errors above 8x speed (thats why I keep burining them only at 8x) ? Or is ist just me ?

Bottom line: I would always prefer burn quality over speed, that’s why I like to keep it slow :bigsmile:


It’s you. I can easily burn them at 52x speed with my Plextor Premium, TY CD media that is (Verbatim Pastel discs, TDK discs, unbranded TY). I have not tested Plextor brand TY media because it’s way too expensive here. No C2 errors, and C1 errors ranging from 0.2 - 1.2 on average, depending on the batch. Error rates are actually lower at higher speeds, the drive is optimised for high speed burning.