What speed are your burner(s)?

The topic says it all!
I have one 8x and one 24x@32x. :slight_smile:

1 Traxdata 4 speed
1 Plextor 12 speed

Hm, there may still be some that have old 2X writers…and 20X writers do also excist!!

I sold my old mitsumi 4X…

But have a shitload of writers from 12X and up to 32X.

was about to choose 2x, but that one isn’t listed.

Philips 3610 still rulezzzz :wink:

Ricoh MP7200A
LiteOn LTR 24/10/2B


-Plextor PX-W1210A (12/10/32)
-Waitec MEGALUS (24/10/40)
-Mitsumi 480ATE (32/12/40)

Started with a Sony CRX-120 (4/4/24) but sold that one.
I’m expecting some (40x) drives soon :wink:

teac r56s-600 scsi 6x

yamaha 2100e 16x10x40???

I have an old 6x Yamaha and a new 32x LiteOn.

Plexwriter 12/10/32S

SCSI still rox the world in my opinion… :wink:

plextor 12x
yamaha 4x2x4(scsi)
teac w524e
sony crx140e/ch2

For the private home user…SCSI is not needed and to expensive…but for people that will throw some money out the widnow and buy some expensive SCSI stuff…well, that’s their decision :wink:

You bet, Smart@$$ : I’m also still using the very same CDD 3610
And still copying everything I want … so far

Still no 40x people…

2x pextor 12/10/32 scsi
1x Acer 24/10/40
1x Lite-on 40/12/48
1x toshiba 8/8/8/24 (dvd-cdrw combo in my laptop)

1x Mitsumi 2x
1x HP 8x

i got a 24102B
and a mitsumi 4804te [4x4x32]


To peole who have loads of writers, like OCFREAK, how can you afford it? Well , you may use them for work related stuff…

Which make is the COOL black CD WRITER [40x] . I think it is plextor??

I am using the 3 of the 4 listed, the scsi is actuallly sitting in the next room in the house on a table, it somewhat has been retired


my first burner was a BTC 62IE (i think that was the name) 2x-2x-6x

the burners i use now are
HP CD-Writer Plus 9100 8x-4x-:confused: (forgot read speed)
BTC BCE3212IM 32x-10x-40x

I have a 24x LiteOn & a 16x Yamaha

I try to wear out Yamaha (great audio) and use the LiteOn for those :cool: :cool: :cool: things ! :smiley:

hp 2xXx4 (sold)
ricoh 7040A (dead)
ricoh 7040A (updated to 7060A, still here)
hp 8x4x32 (sold)
plex 8x4x32 (sold)
acer 1208 (sold)
lite-on 32x12x40 (still here)