What specs does your NAS have?

Seems most here rip to NAS. I’m wondering what you guys have? Capacity, specs, software? Don’t have one myself but seems interesting to study a bit

Synology DS2415+ with 5 x 10TB, 5 x 4TB, and 2 x 6TB drives. One parity drive as I really only use it for media and nothing mission critical.

Currently holding 149 UHD BDs, 1158 1080p BDs, 500 1080p iTunes Rips, and nearly 7000 episodes of TV from UHD BD, BD, and iTunes.

Oh and just in case the authorities are monitoring, I OWN all of the content I have stored… :wink:

No NAS here. I added a M1015 (Flashed to IT Mode) to my PC that gives me 8 more sata ports. My case holds 9 x 3.5" bays (with HDD rails for easy swap). Group them all as I pool using DrivePool = 60TB at present.

That is an expensive hobby you’ve got there! Very cool tough! I can hardly imagine anyone has a bigger setup privately :wink:

While I’d love to think so, some of the guys over at AVSforum have far bigger setups than I.

Supermicro 4U 36Drive Chassis with two SAS3 Backplanes. Populated with 600GB-15Krpm, 4TB, and 8TB drives. Running Devuan (Debian) Linux and ZFS. Plex, Serviio, Apache, Postfix, Cyrus, etc. Currently it holds 12800 movies and TV shows, not including all the quarter HD sized versions of every HD movie (good for streaming and putting on your mobile devices) Chassis is currently running Xeon but will most likely be moved to AMD EPYC sometime this year.

My media closet that I built that holds most of our media:

Server Cabinet that holds the servers:

Run other servers, Two Dell R710 and a 48 core AMD Opteron beast that are used to encode my movies and TV shows using mostly Ripbot264 and Handbrake.

I’ve been doing IT/Administrator/Security work for the last 35 years so I’ve been able to buy and been given some fairly nice enterprise equipment.

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Wow, cool, I have a friend with also such a rack with hardware, does yours also sound like a vacuum cleaner? :wink:

And I guess it also uses a decent amount of electricity. But awesome to play around with, especially if you know what you’re doing :wink:

That media closet is also awesome BTW, do you allow me to write a news item about it and see if there’s anyone out there that can show off more?? I’m truly amazed, maybe for some others here it’s normal, not for me!! :wink:

It only a bit on the loud side when its encoding. When its not encoding, the two Dells shutdown and the other two servers have a bit of a low hum. The 48 core (256GB or RAM) AMD system also does double duty as a master KVM/LibVirt virtual server. So it is running all the time. Electricity cost is about $35 a month, but it will be higher this month since I’m encoding so much 4K HEVC right now. But since its also for my own business, and I have a work platform, I can deal with the small added utility cost.

Sure you can write about the media closet. I know what I have is not as big as a collection as some have, but I already have so much content that if I watched one movie or TV episode each day, I would not have a single repeat in 35 years. :slight_smile:

But our library is growing every month little by little. A long time ago my wife and I decided that we where not going to pay for cable/satellite TV or go to the show, but instead, allocate that money to owning our own media. Over the last 21 years, our collection as slowly grown. We replaced pretty much all of our DVD media with Blu-ray over time (if it was available), so we double dipped there. And we started buying 4K media before even owning the equipment to watch it. Just last April we bought our first 4K TV and Oppo UHD player. We have double/triple dipped on some 4K media. HDR is tremendous on the Sony Z9D.

So we cut the cord before most people even knew what that was. I had a MythTV server that I recorded TV Over the Air. Only one in my neighborhood that has an antenna on the roof. The only streaming we do is through Amazon because we do have Prime. We have a bunch of VuDu movies that we can stream because we enter all the digital codes that come with the discs. But even then, with my Plex server, we usually stream right off that instead.

Wow - nice setup.
Did you run a raid 5/6 or another one?

I am running SHR-1 (Synology Hybrid RAID) with 1 drive parity so, in effect, similar to RAID 5.

I am running a raid 5 with 4x 10TB drives (Qnap TVS-871).
Did you copy the rip directly to the NAS (e.g. as ISO file) or first to your PC because of making mkv?

Straight to my NAS as an MKV.

I am creating an ISO file on my PC and in a second step I copy the ISO file to my NAS.
I will try to copy the file directly to my NAS (save time)