What soundcard for Ligitech Z-2300 speakers?

I currently have some cheap ass 2.1 speakers which were basic speakers I got with my comp in 2001. Time for an upgrade after 4+ yrs… lol

Anyway, after reading good reviews and checking them out, I decided to purchase the Logitech 2.1 Z-2300 speakers.
However, I want to know if the soundcard that I currently have which came with my comp as well in 2001 (Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Value PCI Sound Card) will be good enough for a good enjoyment of the Logitech Z-2300 speakers.

I checked around and decided that I’ll be able tp purchase the AUDIGY2 VALUE OEM sound card. Question is, will the sound quality of the Z-2300 will be much better with the AUDIGY2 than with my current SB LIVE card? I don’t wanna waste 60 bucks for nothing.
Should I investt 120 bucks and go for the Audigy2 ZS soundcard? This sound wrong for me cuz it is almost the exact price I’m planning to pay for the Z-2300 speakers. :frowning:

Replies would be nice!

I’ve got some Logitech speakers and have them hooked up to a Creative Soundblaster Live card and they sound great. Especially in a 5.1 surround setup.

But I can’t say if investing in a newer sound card would really cause that much of a difference.

I think that your SB Live 5.1 will do more than fine but I’d have a look at Altec Lansing FX6021 rather than Logitech Z-2300. To be honest with you I’m not a fan of computer speakers at all, I want a real reciever but that’s me. For being computer speakers Altec Lansing’s products sound very good in general and this model seems to be very good.


160$ over at pagecomputers.com

Just some thoughts…

I bought these from newegg and got a great deal.

I had some Harmon Kardans and these Logitechs sound just as good.

best sound card you can buy is the Creative x-fi extreme music.

swifty7, you can get much better sound cards than Creative’s…

not for $129.99 or less from online stores. The x-fi was pitted against the audiophile grade terratec sound card and it won hands down. These new Creative sound cards have 10 times the peformance of their Audigy series.

Uhm huh?
You can get sound cards from M-Audio for that price which are better than Creative, M-Audio Revolution 7.1 for instance.
Feel free to compared SND, THD, INT…

well!!! you tell me cuz the x-fi specs looks more impressive to me, besides the M-audio is no good for games. Creative gives you the best of both worlds.

top specs: Creative x-fi extreme music
bottom specs: M-Audio Revolution 7.1

I meant real (measured specs (read review)), the SB X-Fi is clearly behind.