What sould i do?

  1. my writer ain’t compatiable with RAW-DAO and only with RAW-SAO
    so what sould i do any time XXL says to burn with RAW-DAO?

  2. if a game doesn’t have any protection so how sould i burn it (with CCD4)?

  3. XXL support CCD4?

SAO can copy games and can copy a limited amount of copy protections too if the game does not have any copy protection then just copy it …

RAW-SAO is your best bet; it’s not really a standard for writing but with some neat software & hardware tricks, it can be done! Look for G@M3FR3@K’s RAW article off the front page of cdfreaks.com.

You can also choose the write method off the properties of the burner -right-click and all shall be revealed - good luck :slight_smile:

where is that window you posted located in?
i think that its in CCD4 but when i try to view my writer’s properties that is not the window i get, and i can’t change the settings:(

In this thread I see you already found the settings?? You can only set these options when writing the image (second CloneCD button).