What sort of dvd protection is this

Hi, I rented Billy Connolly “Was it something i said” dvd. The dvd actually wouldn’t play in 2 dvd players and wouldn’t play using power dvd on my system. I couldn’t copy it using shrink, dvd decrypter or nero recode. However I could play the main file (MAIN.DAT) with vlc media player. The structure of the dvd is weird. It does not have a Video_ts or a Audio_ts folder. The files on the dvd are CONTROL.DAT - VOBTBL.DAT - DDVID.DAT - T5TXT.DAT - MAIN.DAT All these are DAT Type files it also has U5-8250614R0 BILLY.esg (esg type file) U5-8250614R0 BILLY.ic (ic type file). It also has a file Checksum.chk (recovered file fragments type file) - I wanted to copy this as a dvd. This a commercially produced origial dvd that was rented from the video library. I can and have copied it as a nero image to my system. I can burn it but I’m guessing it will do what the original does when i put it in to play. Has anyone got any ideas on how to convert this disc to a properly structured dvd - Thanks

Buy the DVD and don’t ask us for help in copying commercial movies.

Consider this a formal warning, and go back and read the rules you signed up to.

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