What software writes iso & sub

I have 2 files, a 704M iso and 30M sub file. I’m familiar with most cd writing software nero hates this iso reporting wrong size etc and doesn’t clonecd need a img file also?

I assume there is info in the sub file relating to the strange size of the iso but what software just want a sub and iso and nothing else?

Thank you ahead of time.

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1 .iso and 1.sub ? hmm. weird , usually it’s some image and some subchannel data… because iso files never really have subchannel data…

i have no clue what you should use to wite it, but where did you make it with ?

anyhoo , try to pop the .iso file in WinIso and see what it comes up with.

I just found out that is it the game NFS6 Hot Pursuit.

I have been reading the other threads on the copy protection used.

I am using a Pioneer A03 right now.

Reading further may shed light on this problem.

Thank you for the reply.

I think you can safely ignore the .sub file and just burn the .iso file with Nero. Try it on a CDRW

Actually, Nero gets pretty angry with the iso.

Nero gives an error "Block Size does not match Image Length.

Thats why I’m thinking the sub info is important.

I tried writing a cd and Nero croaked quickly, (Actaully locked up drive).

I do appreciate your feedback, thanks.

Then try blindwrite. It’s probably a blindread image saved in iso/sub format anyway. Of course, since the copy protection on the original is safedisc, the subs are irrelevant anyway.

Oh, and if this fails, make a new image. You do own the original, don’t you? :wink: