What software works well with DVDRW's?

Hi, I’m Karl.

I have a plextor DVDRW drive and some DVDRW’s (will get the details when I get home). The drive came with Roxio EZ CD.

I was able to format a disc but was not able to write to the disc?! I’ve read about updating the firmware on the drive which I will do when I get home. I wonder if their is a list of supported media on Plextor’s site?

If after i update the firmware, I still continue to have issues with using DVDRW, what other software can I use? Nero and Alcohol are pretty big names but I haven’t used them.

Any tricks when trying to use DVDRW?


Most of the commercially made software will burn dvdrw’s without issues, but I wouldn’t mix Roxio and Nero on the same system. Some have reported problems when doing this.

One free program that I like is ImgBurn. I use it for videos mostly, but it can work as a general purpose burning program as well. Go to the forums at imgburn.com and look through the guides on its use.

A commercial program that doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but is praised by those who use it is called Ones. If you want to look at it, there is a free trial available here

You might also think about using Verbatim +R DVDRW disks, as they have a good reputation.