What software to verify a burnt bin/cue image?


Is there any software out there that will verify a bin/cue image. recordnow max will verify iso + gi images but doesn’t recognise bin.cue. The images are free from any copy protection, I just want to verify my burner has burnt them properly.

any tips?

What do you mean by verify? Do you mean you want to see if it’s just like the original CD. If so you can use Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools to load the image to a virtual driver to check. If you want just to verify that it burnt correctly you can use Nero and check the verify checkbox when it’s burning.

Its the latter. I want to verify that it has burnt correctly.

You cannot put a tick in the verify box with nero when its burning an image. Its greyed out. The only software that allows you to verify a iso image is record now max. but it doesn’t burn cue/bin images.

I’m trying to identify another software package that will check the burnt image has infact burnt correctly.

any ideas?

Well, you can make a new image form your copy. Then use a filecompare tool to compare the two images.

That’s very odd that you can’t check the verify button in Nero. I’ve always been able to with every burner that I’ve had. But yea he’s right you could make an image from that and compare them.

I have used a program called CDCheck for years and it has saved me alot of heartache knowing that what I burned is good before I delete any files. Just do a google for it. Also its freeware for personel use :slight_smile: