What software to use with Canon MX850 for direct DVD printing? Official not working



Hi gang. The only official software that I could find for my Canon PIXMA MX850 in regards to CD or DVD labeling/printing was from the European Canon website and it errors, saying no compatible printers are installed. Then it closes. No workaround.

What software should I install to create the printable images? Nothing I see at Canon does this, but then again, that function might be buried inside one of their stupid gargantuan software programs that are on the install CD. You know, crap like Easy-Photo Print EX or Presto! Pagemaker.

You know, crap we never install. :rolleyes:

Or is this a case of the USA Canon not allowing this feature on their printers? Oh good Lord, wouldn’t that be peachy after I already ordered the tray for this printer.


Hi and Welcome!

have you also installed the drivers from Canon Europe? These might be slightly different.
Also, it can not be excluded that US models have some different firmware inside which does not support the CD/DVD tray.