What software to use to copy my bought DVD's

What software do I use to make a copy of a DVD I own so I don’t wreck the original one from being handled and used? I tried Nero and ran a simulation and it can’t.

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Try using the forums search function this has been asked so many times you should easily find the answer.

any dvd and another compression program such as clone dvd2 or 1 click. Free one being dvd shrink

You can try clonedvd2 and anydvd fron slysoft.com . Good luck.

Ya, but just another question, no need to be defensive. I have lots of DVD’s I bought and read about software that can copy your home collection and it mentioned about saving the originals, so they don’t get damaged. I never thought of that until I read about DVD rot and the different media types from 1 (best) to landfill. I didn’t think all bought DVD for home use had a copy guard on them. :sad:

whats the question?

I can’t make a copy of my own DVD’s with Nero and was looking for a program.

JayC30, why didn’t you just delete the previous post.

The way you should word your question is how do I backup a dvd. You have another post . We are here to help you . Read what we said and do a search of this site. I am sure you did not try what anyone said to do.

Some of the movies I bought are from the rental place and are previously viewed which they sell at a cheap price but are sometimes beat up abit. So that’s why I asked in the original post. Why wait for the movie to get totally beat up so it’s unviewable.

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If it’s freeware then, here & here .
If your prepared to pay then AnyDVD + CloneDVD2. See links in my sig.

Both anydvd and clonedvd do allow a free trial that way you can see if it works before you fork out the cash for it.

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ok, thx guys :slight_smile:

[COLOR=Blue][COLOR=RoyalBlue]DVD Shrink in conjunction with Nero, these together will back up most DVDs but not all. Sony encryption on some DVDs will produce read errors with DVD Shrink, for example Narnia[/COLOR][/COLOR]

If u can afford it u can go to your search bar and type in dvdfab in the search bar and get dvdfab for about 70.00 dollars, and that software will let u burn any and all dvd’s that will play on your tv play station 3 xbox 360 even your dvd player that’s connected to your tv. That’s the software I use and the only software I trust. I hope this info has helped u. P.S. It will even work for dual layer dvd’s as well and they will also play on anything too.