What software to use copying games

hello am a newbie i would like to copy some of my pc games on my computer so a can get rid of the games to swap for new ones, as you do. also how could i make a copy of this games to put on a blank dvd thankyou

So, you want to copy the games, then get rid of the originals…

I’m a little curious as to how legal that would be…I know it differs from country to country, but as a rule…if you backup, surely you would have to keep the original?

Genuine curiosity here, don’t mean to jump on anyone…:slight_smile:

Edit: I’m pretty sure making a copy, then getting rid of the original is illegal here in Britain.

well i meant just make a backup of the game

Depends on a lot of things like how old the games are, what protection they might have, what burner you have etc etc…
But the 2 of the most common backup applications are clonecd and alcohol…
both have trials availible before you buy…

Nice try. What you meant was in your first post, that you wanted to backup the games and then swap them for new ones. That is illegal. CD Freaks does not condone that type of behavior. Don’t try to BS a BS’er.

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Yes you are correct it’s illegal not only in Britain but also in most countries! That’s why I always keep my originals in a safe place just in case the [B] Original CD/DVD Inspectors [/B] with the SWAT team come knocking at my front door to do a spot check to make sure I have all the originals for my backups. I hate it when they do it at 3 am in the morning and wake me up from my sleep. But I guess it’s the price you have to pay when you want to backup your originals.

Very good one!!! Best one I heard for a long time :slight_smile:

LOL :bigsmile:…hope they don’t come knocking at 3am to see my originals! :eek:

LOL LOL LOL your replies are always the best. :slight_smile:

Illegal request. Thread closed. Please read the forum rules before posting again.