What software to use? (best)

I havn’t coped any DVDs in awhile year~. Back then I used DVD shrink and DVD decryptor.

I’ve read a few posts how decryptor is being outdated since it cant be updated legally.

So what should I use now?

I’ve read about a patch for decryptor (where do I find this).

Or I read about another program that the author made.

thanks for your help

do a search for “psl2” that should lead you to the patch for dvd decrypter.

ImgBurn is the program by the author of DVDD. It’s basically just a pimped out burning engine. ripping with DVDD and burning with ImgBurn is a great combo.

anydvd or dvdfab are probably the 2 most used and most updated programs around for decryption at the moment (in my opinion and from my experince!)

shrink is still a very good program once you get the files decrypted and ripped to your hard drive. definitely don’t toss it just because it’s no longer updated. You’d be hardpressed to find a free transcoder as good as Shrink.

all that being said, my personal favorite for it’s simplicity and immediacy of updates are anydvd and clonedvd2 from www.slysoft.com granted these are not free, but you can get a 21 day fully functional trial to give it a shot.

all the other programs I’ve mentioned are free.

You can also use another ‘freebe’ DVDFab Decrypter, also freedvd.

I agree. DVDFab Decrypter works great. Have yet to try PSL2 (just haven’t installed it yet) but it’s getting good reports.

PSL2 (just haven’t installed it yet) but it’s getting good reports.
simply the best i would say :iagree: and very easy to use :bow: :flower:

if anyone want to try, here is the guide