What Software to make an ISO Image

Bit of a newbie on this one, but can you guys let me know what software you use to create your ISO’s? Have done a search and most seem to use that CDRWin thing (but I hate it so won’t even install it), I would like to know if I can make an ISO image using easy CD 5? if so can someone point me in the direction of a URL that explains this for me or give me an idiots guide to doing it here, many thanks for reading this, guys.:confused:

I think you can use EZ cd to create ISO but DONT because it sucks
I think you can use nero but I’m not sure

I think CD Mate is a good alternative to CDRwin. It burns ISO, Bin and Cue, and Clone CD format.



Another reason not to use EZCD, is that it doesn’t create real iso’s. It only creates files with a .iso extension. It doesn’t use the generally accepted (read: real) iso format.

Thanks guys i’m using WinISO as suggested by CybErvee, thx for the replies:)