What software to copy MS O.S. CDs



Hi all:

Which software is handy for copying MS CDs (for example, win98?)

Are you still supposed to get “bad sector” errors when extracting an image file from say, win98 CD?





You should just be able to copy it with clonecd, Nero, cdrwin,
dont use ezcd (blechh - it leaves a bad taste in the computer and makes it act funny).

If you are having problems, try making an image to the harddrive first then burning it.

If you are still having a pain in the ass time, a hint is to copy just the contents of the win98 folder on the cd. A lot of techs, oem and system builders will copy this folder to the harddrive and run it from there. The cabs are really all u need to run the setup because during installation thats where the setup programs grabs everything from. Im not sure if you mean the bad sectors on the cd or on the harddrive. If your harddrive has bad sectors on it’s not because of the cd from M$.


You can use any kind of software to duplicate MS his Operating Systems.
Even the newest XP only there’s a different kind off protection on this one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey all:

Well, that’s all a help, but I’ve been encountering errors when
I use blindread. Do i just ignore them? (The extract was restarted
once by the program and then finished with a green light.)

when copying?



I would say yes


actually, NO
As MS OS CDs are Unprotected there should be NO read errors atall !!! You should be able to do a staight 1:1 copy without using special features (e.g fast error skip in CCD)
If you are getting read errors from the CD, it’s quite possible that the CD has some physical damage !!!


The only protection Microsoft has on its CDs is the serial number (product key), and with Windows XP there is a whole new procedure you must have heard about. They don’t even check for label of the CD.

As marty140 said, when you get reading errors when you try to backup the original CD, it is most likely due to physical damage on the CD, rather than a protection scheme.

Don’t know what Blindread makes of the CD, but you could try a different kind of software to do it. Nero has my preference for most things. Perhaps it is a good idea to check the option that it will first copy the image to the harddisk and from there burn it on CD.

Good luck


want a perfect copy of an M$ OS disk?? I think u know what i am going to say “CloneCD”
it rocks"!


Thanks folks!

I’ll try CloneCD and see how I fare. Blindwrite was getting
all kinds of read errrors.



I have copied win 98 using clone cd without any problems, I have also tried to use the adaptec software that comes with my writer but that always fails, not sure why, Clone cd is the dogs bollocks!


Live Long And Prosper :slight_smile:


CloneCD & Nero rulezz


There are no copyprotections on the ms cd’s (except serail number) so you should be able to copy them without a problem


im also getting errors coping win2000 both in CCD and BlindRead !!!
CCD keeps saying ‘Failed to Read Sector xxx’ (something like that), and before it copies, my CDrom stops !??!
BlindRed, i gave up on, after it copied the image file as a audio track.
Also, Nero keeps coming up with, ‘CD protected’, should i continue with the copying ?



Read errors obviously means that your cd is damaged - stop wasting your time trying to copy it.


thats what i thought, but i just installed win2k yesterday from the CD, and it worked find…


I had the same problem a few years ago. No solution found because there was no solution. The cd"s quality was so bad that some part of the cd could be read but not sharp enough to make a copy of it (sounds silly but it isn’t). Try to read the cd without subchannels this could solve you prob perhaps.

Anyway if I was you I would take a other cd to copy from.


The, thing its not very easy to get hold of another copy :mad: . Do you think cleaning the CD with wipes might help?

The sux big time !!! :frowning:


Thanx all, i’ll go a try all the tips you lot gave me. However, i have a feeling that it probably still won’t work :frowning: , but you never know crosses fingers


Originally posted by wilma
Did you try to read the cd with your burner?
Error correction abilities are a lot better then a common cdromreader.

I agree with that! :smiley:


Actually now that I think about it M$ probably does this on purpose… There are about 8,000 subfolders on some there cd’s(ok maybe not that many but, sometimes that can miss on the fly stuff