What software to backup GTA3 and 007 Nightfire

hi everyone

Im running windows xp i have a samsung sw 240 cdr with r403 firmware and im trying to copy GTA3 and 007 Nightfire can anyone help with choosing software and settings im going out of my mind ive wasted around 40 - 50 cds if anyone could help it would be sooooo appreciated :bow:

  1. Please use a topic tile that is more descriptive of your question next time…people might ignore it otherwise (and it saves me the time to edit it)

  2. Did you try a search on at least GTA3?

I have no idea on whether this is possible with the setup you are using now, but perhaps the threads I have found by using our search can help you on your way here:



But I don’t think your writer is very much capable of handling this protection properly, judging from its sheep-rating: