What software supports Audio Master Mode?

I’ve got a Yamaha F1 that burns CD’s using an Audio Master Mode that improves sound quality a lot. I know they quit making these drives years ago, but that doesn’t mean it is a BAD or obsolete drive!

I just want to know if anyone is familiar with CD burning software currently on the market that supports this burn mode. The Nero 5 that came with it seems a bit weak (free demo version, ugh!) and is also slightly crippled as a result of other installs on my system over the years.

Reportedly, Roxio Toast 8 does support AMM, but I do not own a Mac. I have not been able to get a straight answer on this regarding Easy Media Creator 10, even though I asked in Roxio’s pre-sales forum.

Besides Yamaha there could be only drives from Plextor…

Huh? I am asking about SOFTWARE that supports the hardware. Are you saying that Plextor has drives that have a similar burn mode? I have heard that [I]Gigarec[/I] might do that.