What software should i use?

i’m about to start backing up some of my DVDs, whenever my NEC 3500 gets here, but the problem is that i don’t know what software to use.
could you please help me on that?

DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink (both free)

ok, cool

i’ll download those and try.

can someone explains to me the bitsetting thing ? what is it for?

Yo blarf-

If you want to pay for a very easy combo that works very well - use AnyDVD ( www.slysoft.com for $39 - free demo for 21 days to try before you buy) and cheapo copy of InterVideo DVD Copy ( www.ussa.com for $11)-

This combo gives you a 20 to 40 minute burn (depending on size of original movie) with only One Click (“Start”) and the results are very good on Ritek 8x -R media on your 3500-


dang mke, you are on the top of all my questions. thanx a lot

@blarf: I prefer AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 myself. Not sure exactly what the price is on that combo - $30-40 I’d assume? I think you can get them online in a combo-package with those companies working closely together and such. I take anywhere from about 22-32 minutes for a burn depending on how tightly the movies need compressed. Sometimes I’ll use DVD Shrink and then use Nero to burn just depending on my mood. DVD Shrink is an excellent piece of software that is free - if you don’t have Nero you can use DVD Decrypter to do the burning in ISO write mode. :slight_smile:


The AnyDVD / CloneDVD2 Combo is $65 on the www.slysoft.com site FYI - I have use tested the combo and the results are similar - but my setup costs $15 less and my InterVideo DVD Copy does not expire in a year-